MyChild for WiFi

The new MyChild for WiFi, which operates on a hybrid WiFi-with-ultrasound and LF platform, brings patient tracking and protection to a level of location precision never available until now. This new open-standards platform provides room-level accuracy that is far superior to tracking systems based on RFID or WiFi alone. It is the first application of this ground-breaking technology to be brought to the patient protection segment of the healthcare market. It was developed and is being made available by healthcare security specialist McRoberts Security Technologies.

Components of the MyChild for WiFi solution include McRoberts' patented umbilical tagging solution—the most secure on the market; the McRoberts Bridge Middleware®, which forms the basis of McRoberts' comprehensive suite of healthcare security and asset tracking solutions; the ability to differentiate the tag's exact room location without the bleeding through walls and floors typical of traditional RFID or WiFi alone; and the ability to lock doors. Because MyChild for WiFi leverages a healthcare facility's existing WiFi platform for communication between the tag and the server, adoption of this new technology is simple and cost-effective.

One Converged Solution With Distinct Graphical User Interface (GUI) By Application

Follow-on applications in the McRoberts comprehensive suite of safety and security tracking applications for healthcare on this new platform will include complete patient and staff duress protection, asset and patient-flow tracking, temperature and environmental monitoring, visitor tracking and vendor management. While McRoberts middleware processes all location and other information across the different applications, each individual application is consumerized.

Each application's intuitive and easy-to-use GUI presents only the information the specific end user needs. It does so in the mode which is most useful and appropriate to the intended end user's function. For example, a MyChild for WiFi infant alarm will, without prompting, provide the Nurse Manager with name and photograph of the infant, a location of the infant on the unit floor plan, and a real-time visual feed at the alarm location from the hospital's own cameras.

Similarly, the end user can also manipulate and manage processes in a way that is easiest and most intuitive to their function. MyChild for WiFi allows the Nurse Manager to access and process patient information for admitting, discharging, transferring or transporting patients, and search lists of infant tags.


MyChild for WiFi offers these many unique and innovative features:


• Umbilical tag—the most secure solution for infant security and the only one on WiFi.
• WiFi system will lock appropriate doors upon threat of perimeter breach.
• Can fully integrate with existing security video/other systems through our open API interface.
• Stand-alone capability of devices that control door locks for full security if the system should go down.
• Fastest alarm response—ability to access MyChild for WiFi remotely from a mobile device provides visibility to alarms anywhere for optimal response.
• Security by unit configurable so staff sees only alarms that are associated with their unit.
• LDAP compatible system.

Ease of Use
• Automated transfer of patient information from their old to their new unit effortlessly while
updating tag history.
• Automated tag management for populating and removing tags from the database without
manual entry.
• Easy-to-use log shows patient name and room number next to each event.
• Wizards that walk the user through each step.
• Mobility solution provides access to MyChild for WiFi from remote secure location such as a
computer on wheels, iPhone or iPad with the convenience to admit and discharge at bedside.
• Client input regularly polled and used in constant improvement of the user experience.
• Asset Menu Tab on MyChild for WiFi provides ability to track certain assets such as breast pumps.

• Detailed reporting and customization for security and auditing procedures for proof of compliance.
• HL7 and LDAP compliance.

Support is available—always
• 24 by 365 remote support by McRoberts technical staff through our toll-free line.

  Platform Advantages
• Superior room-level accuracy based on hybrid WiFi-
with-ultrasound solution.
• One solution for location tracking needs.
• Comprehensive suite of healthcare tracking solutions:
- MyChild for WiFi for infant protection
- PatientWatch for patient-flow monitoring and
security tracking
- PedsWatch for pediatric patient security
- WanderWatch for adult resident security
- StaffWatch for staff duress alarm
- AssetWatch for tracking essential equipment and
other assets
- TempWatch for temperature and environmental monitoring
- VisitorWatch for visitor access and flow management
- VendorWatch for vendor vetting, access and management
• SQL database.
• Cisco, Motorola and other infrastructures supported