Technology Solutions

McRoberts offers a full range of tracking solutions for healthcare life safety and security needs. These solutions bring the following advantages:

• A platform offering the superior room-level location accuracy of a hybrid WiFi-with-ultrasound and LF solution
• Scalable enterprise-wide solution capability
• McRoberts Bridge Middleware which constitutes one converged solution for location tracking needs and is scalable in scope
• A comprehensive suite of healthcare tracking solution applications each having individually consumerized Graphical User Interface (GUI) for an intuitive and
easy end-user experience:

Tracking Solution Applications:

• MyChild® - infant protection including McRoberts patented umbilical tag –
the most secure available – with video/alarm integration and the ability to
lock doors

• PedsWatch - pediatric patient security

• WanderWatch - for adult resident security

• PatientWatch - patient-flow monitoring and tracking


• StaffWatch - for staff duress alarm

• AssetWatch - tracking essential equipment and other valuable assets

• TempWatch - temperature and environmental monitoring

• VisitorWatch - visitor access and flow management

• VendorWatch - vendor vetting, access and management